Vanuit San Francisco een charmante publicatie over Zestien Eiken Schuur op DWELL magazine. ‘Woorden als ‘charming’ en ’toasty’ uit de pen van Marissa Hermanson beschrijven op originele manier het gebouw.

This Charming Wooden Barn in the Netherlands Utilizes Every Part of the Tree

Netherlands-based architects Annemariken Hilberink and Geert Bosch had to cut down seven 100-year-old oak trees on the estate where they live and work, just outside the city of ’s-Hertogenbosch. Rather than selling the trees for paper, they decided to mill them and build a new barn. The new structure makes extraordinarily efficient use of the milled lumber, and it draws inspiration from the historic farmhouses of the area…

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Zestien Eiken Schuur, foto René de Wit

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