Zestien Eiken Schuur (Hambarul Celor 16 Stejari) is gepubliceerd in het lijvige Roemeense magazine Zeppelin #162 met het thema ‘In the country’. De goede redactie en zorgvuldige line-up van projecten maakt een gedegen uitgave.

The Countryside

‘The first lockdowns helped bloom the cottagecore aesthetic. It is a trend born out of a wish for a simpler life, with low levels of stress, which would allow an easy connection to nature through activities like husbandry, gardening, picnics, etc. It’s also about nostalgia for good times passed, an imagery and aesthetic which stirs the spirits of a lot of people, from the radical left and minorities, to the ultra-traditional right. Although it started being promoted by young teenagers idolizing country life, the pandemic made possible adding complexity and signification to the cottagecore concept.’

Met dank aan de editors: Cătălina Frâncu, Ștefan Ghenciulescu

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